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Is Reality TV overtaking this country?


I just found myself thinking about this once again and would like to share my opinion.

Reality TV. It has become the most popular topic on television, but why? Are the Kardashians really more important and popular than any hard working actors or even educational programs? These kind of questions I wonder. My take on it is perhaps so many people in our country are so unhappy that watching someone else’s life and problems somehow takes them to a different reality. A reality that is not of their own. So even for that brief 30min – 1hr+ the viewers do not think about their own problems, but rather “escape”. Does this become an addiction? I remember I have refused for many years buying cable for my house to have as a bill. envisioned using that money for something else like my kids or other bills. I was really happy though I knew I didn’t need to enjoy someone else reality because I was enjoying my own. I listened to music more than anything…I mean all the time at home I made sure I had a great surround sound for music. Yet ever since being married for over a year now my husband has always had so….I find myself watching these reality shows and I cant help but think…is this really what America has come to? Are they trying to dumb us or steer us away from our own minds and reality without having any learning purpose at all. Back to reality TV stars they have been become more popular and admired, more followed than anyone…even the royals. I realized this today because The Kardashians were on..abd even though it was an episode I had already seen I did not change the channel. Until something clicked like a light bulb in my head to change it to something educational, my favorite, HISTORY channel. It felt good. It almost felt like I broke free of something. Whatever the purpose and obsession people have with reality TV I know for myself..yes even though it is very interesting to sometimes watch other people’s lives and problems esp. of the rich..watching or even listening to it alllll day is toxic for your brain. I most of the time have the TV running and I listen to whatever is on while I do other stuff, like blogging right now. As soon as I changed the channel I had an urge to write as to while the kardashians were on I felt like doing absolutely nothing.

But why not? Even plants grow and look or die during different conditions of sound. Yelling, swearing, negativity or even certain diabolical music made them die. As to plants that grew and looked healthy and robust because they were surrounded with pleasant music, nice words, nice vibe. Watching most popular reality tv is not going to make you die of course, but think about what it is doing to your it killing it?

So with that said…yes its fun..but if more people stopped and actually used their brain and all this new technology to teach themselves new things..maybe Reality TV wouldn’t be as Popular?


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Wants and Needs..Can You Separate the Two?


If this is a question for you then I’m sure you have found yourself asking “do I need…?” Whatever you find the question to be the fact that you are asking it shows that you may know the difference.  Most people don’t. Strangely this is true because most people want what they don’t have or can’t have. Is this where determination comes from? The drive to get something you do not yet acquire?  Or is this the reason why most of us are either in dept…or unhappy. Truth is once you figure out yourself and your life you can determine what you want and what you actually need very easily. Start small..if you are a shopaholic and you see something you feel you must absolutely have…stop…ask your self,

“Do I need this? Or do I want it?”

Most of the time the answer will be because you want it. In all honestly we as people do not need that much. Food, water, shelter, happiness, love (for oneself)…are the type of substance we “need”.  Almost everything else falls into the “want” category. We “want” a bigger house…we “want” a nice car…we “want” and partner in life. But as soon as you realize that these  are what they are which are “wants” and not “needs” the more free and happy you will feel. We all have the capability to live and survive without any of those subjects. Yes they are nice and perhaps drive our enthusiasm, but to the people that worsen their being by taking these things instead of earning them becomes very dangerous for your health. Dept can damage you in more ways than just your credit score. It can add stress and negative energy into your life and you realize that something you wanted that you got in the end did not benefit you in the long run. Isn’t the long run the whole point? And what about wanting a partner in you need it? NO. Actually in this day in age more single people are thriving and evolving than those who are married. Yes having someone to spend life with is a gift, but it is a gift that you must let come to you on it’s own. The more you put yourself and your feelings out the more of a chance you have of getting hurt. There is no greater pain than heart ache, it is the pain that no doctor, or medicine, drugs, alcohol, or anything of this earth can cure. Heart ache takes time, patience and understanding. But if you had the chance to protect your self would you take it? That’s another subject for another topic. Bottom line…differ your wants and needs. Every time you see something that catches your eye STOP. Ask yourself…

“do I NEED It?”